Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A justifiable wrist slap!

I have just had a conversation with a friend who has chastised me for not updating the blog over the last while. Yes, I freely admit that I have been tardy. Life get's in the way, but then maybe I ought to regard this as part of life! I have tried to keep work and 'life' apart as I'm not sure why people really visit a blog. I follow some blogs because they are full of interesting 'arty' stuff, and others because they relate to real life. Those that mix the two don't really grab my attention, especially if the life is the main excuse for not producing art. Of course, you haven't seen much 'art' on this blog anyway, it has mostly been quick ways of using the embellisher. I know that some of you read my life blog, and for those of you that haven't and want to (no obligation) here is the link. (Of course, due to life, I don't update that one every week either!)

I have also had my wrist slapped for forgetting to tell you the name of the fabric I mentioned in an earlier post. It is called Evolon and we sold out of our first delivery within 48 hours of anyone seeing it. More is on the way and will be here in time for Worthing Textile Arts Forum on Saturday 14th July, and we will hopefully have enough left for Ardingly on 21st July. I really like using it. Hopefully you will see some results before too long, but I'm working on a number of items for the Summer School at Missenden Abbey at the beginning of August.

Another giveaway has been announced at Dye-A-Lot. Pop over and take part. The perle 8 can be used on a sewing machine with a topstitch 100 needle, and the perle 5 is lovely for cable stitch, also using the sewing machine.

Lastly, thanks to everyone that left a comment on the last post. I have also had a number of emails and it would appear that the problem is even wider than I at first thought.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Another day, another Exhibition

I don't want you to think we have been idle since my last post. Far from it. This time of year is full of different venues. We have spent a lot of time travelling from place to place, and later today we are off to Eastleigh College for the exhibition at the annexe in Cranbury Road. Open tonight from 6pm - 8pm and again from 10am - 3pm tomorrow, pop along and see what has been going on for the last few months! The exhibitions cover embroidery, quilting, flower arranging and art. They are usually well worth seeing.

On Sunday we are off to Salisbury. St Edmunds Art Centre is the venue, for an exhibtion with Inspire Stitchers. This promises to be worth a visit too. Only open from 10am - 4pm. After that we are hot foot to the car to career off down the road towards Urchfont Manor. I've forgotten what's going on there, too much to take in this week!

The winner has been announced on the Dye a Lot blog pop over and see who has won - and then go back next week for a new little competition. I have had fun reading all the emails from everyone. A total of 72 people took part in the last draw.

I am wanting to have a little moan. It has been brought to my attention that a tutor I know vaguely has developed a list of workshops based solely on other people's work. Apparently the last episode involved a visit to an exhibition where she saw something she fancied. On arriving home she made a complete and apparently fairly exact copy. This is now being offered as a workshop. I'm interested to know what you all think. Any comments? I know that at least 2 workshops are based solely on my book - and another is based on a book by a well known textile artist. Customers have mentioned this to me and complained - I have told them to complain to the tutor in question, but I don't know if they have. I've seen the results of some of the workshops, so know that this is more than just a rumour. I'd like to know what you all think.