Friday, June 27, 2008

June Take it Further

June has been an eventful month. I won't go into too many details, but it has involved quite a lot of traveiling and meeting lots of people. Yesterday was my mother's birthday and we had a small family gathering to celebrate. Tomorrow we are having a larger party, so there has also been planning and preparations for that. She is now 90, not bad as she was only given a short time to live some years ago.

During this time I have been giving the June Take it Further Challenge some thought. The theme this month was 'stories that are and stories that are possible'. Not sure which way to take I suddenly realised that I could run it into a swap that I joined on Etsy.

I have a large 'stash' of dyed fabrics, but I am always adding to this as I dye on a regular basis. Although intended for selling, I often dip into these for projects. A couple of the 'new' fabrics went perfectly with some of the older ones, and suddenly they were transformed into a bag for ..... (I'll reveal the name when it is received and also the story of why I chose these particular fabrics).

The finished bag, and below a couple of closeups.

It's a practical bag - maybe it will take a trip to the shops and carry home new additions to someone's stash every now and then.....

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