Friday, November 14, 2008

It doesn't take much....

This has been a very busy week.  It began last weekend when I went away to teach a course on the embellisher at Missenden Abbey.  We had a lovely time, lots of enthusiastic students and interest from a number of other people, including Richard Box.  I arrived home on Sunday to find many orders waiting and over 3000 emails.  These alone have taken a lot of going through.

During the week orders have been processed and we have been out selling too.  Last night we had a lovely evening in Woking when I spoke to the Embroiderers' Guild Evening Branch.  It almost began in disaster as we approached.  An accident had occurred along the final stretch of the journey and the police closed part of the road.  As a result we had to retrace our steps and take a long detour.  To our amazement the other end of the blockade ended exactly at the entrance to the hall.  If it had been any further along we wouldn't have been able to get there.  I can't tell you what actually happened, but the one car that we saw will certainly not be driven again.

Consequently I haven't been able to add much to my blog this week, however, as it says in the title, it doesn't take much - to get a post going, that is!  I thought I'd show you this photograph of our kettle spout.  Not a very inspiring subject, but I couldn't believe what I saw this morning.  I hope you can see it too.

The quality isn't brilliant, but it is just about visible.  We live in a hard water area, the kettle is just due for a clean.
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