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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 approaches

Tomorrow is the last day of the year, and we finally go to Swindon to celebrate Christmas! Surely nothing will stop us taking my mother to visit my brother and family? If I blog during the day tomorrow you know that something has gone wrong! I'm really looking forward to it. It will be a relaxing day, I get on well with my brother and his wife.

2009 looks as though it will be an interesting year. The troubles in the middle east look as though they are at the point of escalating, and wars and famines etc around the world will probably take centre stage for many. However, in true British style we have something about to happen here that will not only take our mind off all these things it will also totally overshadow everything else that is going on, and I am sure that even Gordon Brown himself is breathing a sigh of relief at the announcement.

Yes, it is true. Andrew Lloyd Webber is going to help choose the song that will come last in the Eurovision Song Contest. Apparently this is the new contest that will grace our TV screens for the next several months. Frankly, there are five syllables that fill me with dread, and are an absolute guarantee that I won't go anywhere near a television until it is safe to do so. Those five syllables? Why: and rew lloyd web ber, of course.

Such a shame there is nothing to look forward to in 2009.............

Or is there.....................?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sympathy not required.

I'm not looking for sympathy, but I haven't been well.  I went down with a flu bug a week before Christmas, and I'm still not well.  It has been a strange time, a little bit 'up' and quite a lot 'down', but I think that was to help me rest as much as possible.

It was ironic that this was the first time for years that our plans for the holiday were quite cut and dried.  Our cards were written and sent in plenty of time, Christmas day was to be spent with my brother and family, Boxing Day with our son and family and the Saturday with our daughter.and family.  Well, some of it happened, and some of it didn't, but none of it occurred as originally intended.  Would you like to hear the story?  If you know what's coming you can switch off now if you aren't interested.

So, I know I should have had the 'flu jab.  Unfortunately our surgery does this at a Saturday morning clinic, and we work away on Saturdays.  So it didn't get done....  When I was designated as my mother's carer I had one automatically at the same time as she had hers, now, of course, I don't qualify so it means an extra effort, I suppose it served me right!  For three and a half days I lay in bed, unable to raise my head from the pillow.  Finally I was able to sit up, and then the cough started.

Don't worry, I'm not going to go into a minute by minute, or even a day by day account, but coughing and no sneezing was the order of the day for the rest of the time.  I managed to make it to the doctor on Christmas Eve, and I'm glad I did as I had bronchitis, so antibiotics were prescribed and are still being taken.  Christmas Day, however, was spent mostly in bed and not travelling down the motorway to Swindon as had been anticipated.  Instead of turkey and the trimmings we eventually found some fish in the freezer and had fish and chips for our main meal.  It was the first time I had eaten since being poorly, probably not the healthiest of starts, but the fish was good, and I ate half a dozen chips, I never eat the batter anyway.  A change of scene was prescribed for Boxing Day, and we did visit our son, only 10 minutes down the road.  We stayed for an hour to watch our grandson open our presents, and then we came home.  It was a pleasant interlude.  On Saturday we ventured a little further, a half hour drive took us to our daughters, and we managed to stay there for three hours.  Then yesterday I seemed to have a little relapse, and spent most of the day lying down.  This is actually not something I ever choose to do lightly as I have a problem with my spine that causes it to go into spasm if I lie down for more than about 7 hours.

When I was at college I remember our lecturer (who practised at the Maudsley Clinic) telling us a tale about a lady who was very upset.  Each night she had great dreams of earth shattering import, but when she woke in the morning they had been forgotten, and the rest of the day was spent in anguish trying to remember them.  It was suggested that she began to sleep with a notebook and pen by the bed, then she could write things down in the night, and in the morning all would be clear.  This worked.  One morning she woke, knowing that she had had one of these dreams, and sure that she had scribed something.  Indeed she had.

'The pen is mightier than the banana'

It is indeed profound.  However, a pen would not be much use if all you wanted to do was make a Banoffee pie.  On this basis, though, I won't share any thoughts, profound or otherwise that I had while I was suffering.  I may on another day, but suffice it to say that I too have had the answers to all the world's problems at some point over the last few days......

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A fun day

I have to say that I love family time.  We have had such a fun day. 

Early this morning we met up with our son and little grandson.  At 15 months he is still investigating everything and today was no exception.  Suitably dressed he had his introduction to art!

You can see the concentration on his face!  He had already tried printing and painting with a fine brush, but this was the moment he discovered that he could also do it with his hands!
He returned to the brush, and tried it with both hands.  As you can see he is very good at mixing colour!  The amazing thing was that he didn't put anything into his mouth, it was taken very seriously and he asked for each plate of colour as he made his marks.  It was really lovely to watch him being so totally engrossed. 
Leaving them at the end of the session we went to the other end of the age scale and collected my mother to take her Christmas Shopping.  We went to Salisbury, probably not the first place to come to mind when thinking of shopping with a ninety year old in a wheelchair, however, going here makes the whole experience a doddle!  It isn't your 'average' supermarket, but has a whole lot of extras.  There is a little more information here, but it doesn't do the store justice.  Aisles are wide and easy to move around.  The atmosphere is friendly and there is colour everywhere.  There is plenty of stimulation without having to visit many shops and take the wheelchair up and down kerbs and pavements.  The food is good too, sensible portions of good healthy food.  Mum really enjoyed it and we were able to buy all her presents.  Food shopping  took a back seat and we all had fun. 
Now I just have to do my Christmas shopping!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Theme - Three of anything.

Today's theme is three of anything.  Just for good measure there are three pictures of three threads!

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Thursday Theme - Health

Chasing lights outside the Royal Festival Hall

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A couple of ACEO's

Sassa Lynne fine viscose felt with scrim.  In need of a little more work, but I'll get there.
This one is just about finished.