Friday, January 23, 2009

Can spring be on its way?

This is only a brief, reflective post.

It has been such a strange winter, colder than for some time, and I haven't worked with the outside door open for months.  When I have been outside I have dashed quickly between house and car or stockroom, and hardly taken any notice of what is around and about.

Yesterday I was able to spend some time stitching.  It was peaceful, and through the still closed outer door I heard a sound that I have really missed.  I heard birds chattering and singing in a way that can only herald spring.  It was such a surprise as I had, only a short while before, stated to a friend on the internet that spring was a long way off still!  I love spring.  It brings with it so much promise; new life; new colour. Here's hoping it isn't too long........

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Sixsisters said...

I am hoping along with you Myfanway.