Thursday, January 08, 2009


I have been very busy over the last couple of days so, although I had heard that M&S were announcing closures and redundancies, I wasn't actually able to find out any details until today.

If you have been following the blog you will remember that I spoke earlier this week about being brought up in Woking at a time when Marks and Spencer were considered as the wrong sort of shop the the town centre.  Frankly, I wasn't surprised to see that the store there is one of those which is to close.   The announcement is here.  I wonder if there was any connection.......

I also noticed that one of the food stores about to close is that at Market Harborough.  This titbit has no connection whatsoever to M&S, but I was reminded that the town was once visited by G K Chesterton.  On arrival he sent a telegram to his wife:

'Am at Market Harborough.  Where should I be?'

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TNT2008 said...

It is sad to see places close up, especially those from our childhood. I have fond memories of a local pharmacy and the old-fashioned soda fountain inside. He had old round tables with steel legs by the front door and a few isles of product leading to his pharmacy counter. He was about to retire when I can remember the store but I always felt like I was entering a special and mysterious place when I went with Mom.