Friday, January 16, 2009

Play Away!

On Monday I began an adventure! I embarked on a trip to the wild, woolly and windswept wastes of Norfolk. It was not a part of the UK that I knew well, and it was something to which I was really looking forward. Wild? Woolly? Windswept Wastes? I had been assured some time ago, by an ex work colleague, that Norfolk was windy, remote and full of sheep. I couldn't wait to find out.

I went by train, crossing London and then travelling from King's Cross directly to Kings Lynn, and there I was met by Marion, otherwise known as artmixter! Remote? After such an easy journey I don't think it qualifies. Windy? Not sure. It certainly wasn't windy while I was there, so the jury is still out on that issue. Full of sheep? Well, I didn't see any - not one - but they could have been hiding, however, a waste it is not!  Oh what fun! A few days to play and generally have a good time.

Of course, we forgot to take a photograph, so here is one of us taken earlier this year.  
I am seriously jealous of Marion's artistic setup!  She not only has a wonderful workshop set up ready for all sorts of artistic endeavours but also has two (yes, two!) studios with light to die for!  She allowed me to examine in detail all her work and samples, and as she is so prolific there was much to see.  If you have seen her work online in her Etsy Shop I can assure you it is MUCH more vivid and detailed in person.  What fun I had!  But that isn't all......
On Tuesday afternoon we went to visit her friend Jill.  What a lovely lady!  She opened her workshop (I won't even begin to describer her facilities - it was another case of green eyed jealousy on my part!) and let us run riot.  We did some stitching using some of her fabulous collection of fabrics.  Here is a picture of Marion and Jill.  At least I remembered to take that!

And here are the little pieces that I produced.  Not finished yet, but on the way

On Wednesday I was let loose in the workshop!  If you look carefully you can see part of it to the top right of this photograph

Isn't it a lovely aspect?  This view was taken from my bedroom.  Marion offers worshops and classes, this wonderful space is ideal for so many different techniques!  I had decided  to  do some printing to take advantage of her printing press.  First, though I had to make a collagraph,  While I did this Marion was doing her 'own thing',  we worked next to each other, but there is so much space that we didn't interfere with each other.  I printed on both paper and Evolon.  I'm delighted with the results and will do some more work on them at some point.  Here's an idea of what I did:
We worked well into the dark!  In fact we had trouble finding the house as it was so black!  Fortunately Marion led the way......  
Well, I just went to get to know Marion better and to share some information and play.   We did all these things, but although I wasn't involved in a workshop I just know that Marion is a superb teacher.  If you get the chance to attend a workshop make sure you jump at the opportunity.  She is very generous, and now that I've seen the facilities I know you won't be disappointed.  She also offers coaching for artists and small businesses, and her good suggestions and observations will make her an ideal person to talk to.  In fact, here's a recommendation from someone else!
Thanks, Marion, for a lovely time!  I'm looking forward to the next time already..........!


Chauncey said...

Glad the M&Ms had such a good time!

MagdaleneJewels said...

Oh Myfanwy - what a beautiful and fun time you both must have had (quite envious!) I would have loved to have seen her shops. You are right, she is a good teacher and mentor, and a great help to me!

gloria said...

This is much better than the Club Med I imagined you were last weekend!

storybeader said...

what a fantastic set-up, and time you must have had! I adore both of your works - it was well worth the trip!

NICO Designs said...

It sounds like such good fun! I look forward to one day participating in our local shop's weekend retreat.

Tulip's Talking said...

Heartwarming! Exciting! Fun!

How wonderful that you traveled to meet, visit, and play with a previous "cyber" friend. I hope to do that as often as possible.

Thank you for sharing.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!