Sunday, January 04, 2009

A trip to London.

Today we made our first trip to London of the year. We went by train, arriving at Waterloo, which is on the south side of the River Thames for those of you that don't know. Our destination was over the river, and thankfully it was a bright crisp day, meaning that we could walk rather than rely on the underground.

We had plenty of time. Our first port of call was the Royal Festival Hall. Recently refurbished it is a good stop for coffee. Lovely views over the Thames, and comfortable seating, we were duly fortified for the next (easy) part of the journey. Pausing briefly on the embankment we began to make our way north.

That's me in the photo, with the Houses of Parliament in the background. We then crossed the Thames via Hungerford Bridge, a walk I have made many times before, but one I really enjoy each time I retrace my steps. The weather was perfect. Do click the link because it will give you a 360deg view over the river.

We went first to Covent Garden Market. Always colourful. Always lots to see including street theatre and musicians. We browsed at some of the stalls, but didn't buy anything, then went on to our secret lunch place.

I'm quite prepared to share the destination with you if you are visiting London, but refrain from posting it here as it is already very busy!  (Send me an email if you want to know where it is!)

Now it was just a leisurely stroll to our destination, a matinee performance at the Dominion Theatre.

The strength of this shadow will show you what a bright day it was, not the best for photographs, but a memory all the same.  We had arrived in plenty of time to see 'We Will Rock You'
The show was great fun.  Lots of music, smoke and dancing.  A fair amount of flashing lights there too.  The cast was excellent, with one exception.  The costumes were fun, and some of especial interest to a textile artist!   The only disappointment was the casting of Killer Queen.  She looked amazing, and her acting was fine, but when she opened her mouth it was obvious that she had missed her true vocation.
It was dark when it finished.  Now we slowly retraced our steps enjoying the early evening in the city.  There were many shoppers making their way home too, bags of sale goods clasped happily in their hands.  The Thames too takes on a completely different aura at this time of day.  The views of tiny pinpoints of light jostle with those of the important buildings lit to enhance their best features.  We stopped before reaching Waterloo to enjoy a delicious Italian supper.  Bruschetta followed by a chicken risotto was my choice.  As usual - no room for dessert!
Finally it was back to the train.  It was a fast and comfortable journey home in an almost empty compartment.  We were able to relax in the remnants of the day, especially good as there was no thought of cooking when we arrived home!
(Oh, yes, the missed vocation of Killer Queen?  She was far more suited to that of a yeller for a rag and bone man.)


MagdaleneJewels said...

Thank you so much for sharing your day around London with us. How I wish I were there with you strolling the streets of London. When my daughter was 15 she went to Covent Gardens (my sister was living in London at the time) it was her favorite place. She said I would totally love it there. Maybe one day!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Sounds like a fun day :)

Night Sky said...

I loved this blog post! When my daughter was in school in London I spent 2 weeks with her, and we went to all the places you talk about. Well, not sure about your secret lunch place, but maybe we found it! ;-) Thank you for this lovely stroll down memory lane!

BeadedTail said...

I enjoyed experiencing your day in London with you! One day I hope to make it to Europe and visit London. Thanks for sharing!

elleabelle said...

I went to London in October with my husband for the first time and it was amazing. We had the best time. I posted all about it too!! thanks for sharing about your trip!

AltheaP said...

What a lovely day. Have you seen Cirque du Soleil? I always think the cost of my ticket should enable me to look closely at all those costumes.