Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Spam, Spam, Wonderful Spam

If I had £1.00 for every Spam email I received I would be a very wealthy woman. I receive so many that I suspect I would be able to solve the current world economic problems by donating those ££££'s to the appropriate authority. Unfortunately, though, I haven't received any ££'s, so I have started to look at them in another way. Instead of finding them a nuisance, I actually find them a great source of mirth.

Fortunately my firewall program will direct most spam messages directly to the spam folder, however occasionally one creeps into my main mail box and I have to physically move it. This is when I get my giggles. Like most people I have been offered all sorts of implements to help my sexual prowess, I have won millions on various lotteries and have been enlisted as help in removing millions from a variety of frozen bank accounts. I have discovered all this without even having to open the mails - who knows what else I would have discovered if I had actually read them - so what do I find so amusing?

The names...... Yes, the names of the people who have sent these emails. Has it not occurred to these people that the names and titles that they choose are a 'dead giveaway'?

Here are a few that have arrived recently

Rodgron Nobbligod
Blewittly Jebewit
Tahirami Walkelwi
Gochnouri Lemonskoweriski (I think this one sounds like a kitchen cleaner, maybe I'd buy it if it was on the supermarket shelf!)

Then there are the ones that want me to verify my bank details. The best giveaway here is that they are all from banks with whom I have no dealings, and, frankly, won't have in the present economic climate.

Yet more just greet me with a simple 'Hi'. In very recent days I've been especially not tempted by those from

Jafari Shameerio
Keeshandr Hilcocker and
Pauline Landrockervich

I would go on, but now I'm off to not read the one that has just arrived from Jos""Ram%nid^^oi>mer who is apparently my new best friend.......



What you have written sounds SO familiar! I use Incredimail which means I can preview messages and stop them coming in from the server at all. The ones you mention are easy to spot, but I must admit that there are some I puzzle over. When in doubt I delete, but still wonder if they really were OK.

Julie said...

I hear you. Wow, do I hear you :)

Audrey said...

We hardly ever get spam emails. Do get telemarketers on the phone though. At least I can hang up on them.

ZudaGay said...

Yep...they are just silly most of the time. I am very thankful for the invention of spam blockers!!!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

My current favorite is that I have a long lost relative in Nigeria that just passed away and they left me all their money...aren't I so lucky! I better contact them right away...NOT! I do get a crack out of them sometimes though :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Love your attitude! They crack me up sometimes too :)

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

I love when they spell very simple words in the subject lines. I do sometimes wonder though if I'm deleting something important...