Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Woof Woof

Is this a true story?

It was late.  Almost midnight.  The couple (we'll call them Freda and George) retired to bed to rest and sleep.
No sooner had they done this than their thoughtless neighbour (Bob) opened his back door and let the dog into the garden.  It ran around, excited by the sounds and smells of the night, barking and snapping at moths and mice and the like.  It happened every night and Freda had had enough.

"George!  It's no good, you'll have to go and sort this out once and for all!"

Reluctantly George got dressed and trudged downstairs and into the night.

It was some three quarters of an hour later before he returned to the bedroom, cold and dishevelled.

"Well, George, have you sorted it?"

"Yes dear.  The dog's now in our garden.  Let's see how Bob likes having a thoughtless neighbour."

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