Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Families

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Happy Birthday Mum.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Exhibition Time and more

Yes, it's that time of year again.  All around the country stitchers are furiously finishing pieces ready to hang in their end of course/term exhibitions.  Other committments have meant that we aren't able to attend some that we have previously supported, however there are two that I would like to recommend if it is at all possible for you to attend.

The first is that of Eastleigh College at the Cranbury Annexe.  It runs from Thursday to Saturday 2nd - 4th July.
Thursday 6pm - 9pm
Friday 10am - 3pm
Saturday 10am - 1pm
Cranbury Centre, Cranbury Road, Eastleigh, SO50 5HG and there is a map here   It is within easy walking distance of the rail station.  Telephone 023 8032 2140
We have visited this exhibition for many years.  The standard is always high and it is well worth a visit.  Please note that there will not be a shop there on the Saturday.

The next event not to be missed is on Sunday 5th July.  Urchfont Manor are holding their annual Open Day.  Be warned, it will be well attended, and rightly so. 
This year Urchfont Manor is proudly hosting an Embroidery and Textile Open Day to showcase the work in a range of disciplines and to celebrate the City & Guilds Student Graduations.  Meet the Tutors and current Students and discover why studying at Urchfont Manor is so special.

All this and traders too.....  Open for 10am - 3pm, lunch is available if you would like it, and so too are other refreshments throughout the day.  Urchfont is just outside Devizes in Wiltshire and there is a map here

Did you know that historical Urchfont Manor now has it's own Wikipedia page?

On Monday 6th July the Embroiderers' Guild branch at Marlborough, also in Wiltshire, is hosting an Open Meeting at which Richard Box is the speaker.  This too comes highly recommended, especially as Richard is such a good speaker.  It will be well attended, so make sure you have a seat by arriving in good time.  The meeting starts at 2pm and more information about the venue can be found here

If you visit any of these events on a day that we are there don't forget to come along and introduce yourself.  You will find us on the Winifred Cottage stand, and you will see that we sell far more than is listed online.  If you can't manage to make a visit email for a price list to see how much more we sell.....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Rust Play Day

It isn't often that I get the chance to play
But playing with rust always results in surprises.

Sometimes they are subtle
 Sometimes REALLY subtle
 But sometimes........
They are really dramatic.
Local workshops coming in the autumn.  If you are interested - get in touch..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are you a Twit?

Perhaps I should rephrase that!  Do you Twitter?  Yes, I have to confess that I do from time to time, and I have found it a very useful and interesting tool.  However, that is what it is - a tool, and it can also be a waste of time.  However, just how influential and rapid is it?  How long does it take for a tweet to get around the world, and does it matter if it does or doesn't?

Be part of a little experiment today.  If you are a twitterer already you will know what to do otherwise you will have to sign up and get started.  Today is gobbledytwitter day!  Go on, send some gobbledygook.  After all, isn't that what twitter is all about.......? Don't forget to mark you post  #gobbledytwitter 

Monday, June 01, 2009

A Weekend Away, and some Exciting News.

I always enjoy a weekend at Missenden Abbey, and this weekend was no exception. I was teaching an Embellisher workshop, from Friday to Sunday, entitled 'Buttons, Bags and Boxes, Textile Adventures on the Embellisher. We really did have fun.

Missenden Abbey is situated in Buckinghamshire. It is only about 40 miles from where I live, and our usual route is across country, avoiding, for the most part, motorways. In fact I only travel about six miles along a motorway before leaving it and heading towards Windsor. On Friday the traffic was dreadful. Far worse that I had seen it for some time. I presumed that it was due to it being the end of half term, but I was astounded to find that when I got to my exit junction I was literally the last car to turn off. It was at a standstill, and there really was just room for me to leave safely. The rest of the journey was so slow. Until within 3 miles of my destination my top speed was 15 miles per hour, I couldn't understand why. However, just as I arrived (over 2 hours later than I had expected) the traffic update on the radio announced a very nasty accident on the M25 with closures for the Air Ambulance. There were several other accidents too, along the same crowded stretch. I discovered that my journey had been much easier than that of some of the other tutors, a couple of whom took 5 hours longer than anticipated. As you can imagine, students were late too...

Missenden Abbey is very popular, and there were 11 students on the course. Four of them had never used an Embellisher before, and the others were of differing experiene, they were, of course ALL lovely people and the group gelled immediately.

The surroundings are beautiful, and it is so easy to work within the peace and quiet. Our room was very well appointed, and it wasn't long before the students had begun to engross themselves in the task in hand! It was lovely to see the individual styles and colourschemes as they worked with fabrics and fibres to create new surfaces. We worked late into the evening on Friday, and even later on the Saturday, even those who were not residents were loath to leave their machines and head for bed! Everything worked really well, and they completed all tasks on schedule.
You can see from this picture that some of them did slope off to eat! However they were soon back at their stations to carry on with their work.
It wasn't long before the first fabrics were created and ready for their transformation. Everyone used different materials, so there was great variety.

By Saturday evening most bags were completed, and we moved on to buttons. They were fun, some were used to 'garnish' the bags, but others were made for different uses.

During the weekend we were able to hear some exciting news. Very shortly the filming of a pilot series of programmes about creative textiles is about to start. We were told by one of the students who is also the co-presenter.

She is in this photograph, but I won't point her out yet..... (No, that isn't me standing at the back, it's one of many visitors that we had over the weekend. ) The programme will be called 'Talking Threads', and will feature 10 artists. It will be broadcast to the UK, and other countries too, but will also be available on the internet. You will be able to learn about people like Gilda Baron, Fay Maxwell and Angie Hughes, each programme will concentrate on one artist, and there will be demonstrations and a 'workshop' too. More details will become apparent as the time approaches for transmission, and I am sure that there will shortly be a website for the show. It is really exciting, with enough viewers it will become mainstream and a regular series.


Watch out for more information. Make sure you watch it, and if you like the idea let the producers know, it's about time our interests had a proper place in the media. I gather that the first programme will be shown in the autumn - so not long to wait.

Oh, and just as an aside...... they have asked me to participate too.....