Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Hard Day at Work

Sometimes it's really hard to go to work! Fancy having to meet people you like and do things that you love doing. It's such a chore, and yes, we had a day like that today.......

Up early and a trip along the M25 came first. We travelled the north section on our way to Chelmsford, to the branch of the Embroiderers' Guild where they were waiting for a lesson in Dyeing with Rust. Oh what fun!

We used things like these

But first I made them clean them up!

Some of them really got down to it!

And then we coloured the fabric..... They are going to try to keep it for a while longer before revealing the marks made. Do you think they will succeed?
I'll post some pictures of my samples tomorrow, in the meantime you can catch up with some previous ones here.
(And the return journey was along the south section of the M25 - not much fun today!)


Splendid Little Stars said...


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Looks like fun! Cool technique!

Rose said...

Neat workshop! Are you ever going to do one over here? LOL!