Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are you a creature of habit?

Maybe you could say that I am a creature of habit. I wake, I rise, I make a drink and start the day. I work. At night I go to bed and I sleep. Outside the times that I am sleeping I perform many and varied tasks, and visit many and varied places. So do I qualify as a creature of habit? I'll let you decide. How does this compare to your way of life? Sometimes other peoples' habits make themselves obvious in spite of trying to ignore them. The absence of these habits often hilights the fact that they were there in the first place, and this was the case a short while ago.

We have nearby neighbours. We don't know them well, but we speak, and it is comforting to know that they are there. However part of their routine is quite specific.

10.00 am Granny arrives
10.15 am Cousin arrives
10.25am Coffee and cigarettes enjoyed in the garden (come rain or shine)
10.55 Cousin departs
11.00 Granny and Mrs Neighbour depart.


2.00 pm Granny and Mrs Neighbour arrive home
2.05 pm Granny departs

2.10 pm Mr Neighbour arrives home.

This routine happens every day from Monday to Friday.

What do they get up to? Where do they go?

Who knnows?

Do I want to know?

Speculations please (in a sealed brown envelope)



maryeb said...

LOL, sometimes I speculate what my neighbors are up to just by watching their habits. It's kind of fun to guess.

I also like to guess what people are talking about by their gestures/body language when I can't hear what they are saying. Weird? Maybe?

Anyway, I think it's good to have habits. It helps keep me on track and doing things like chores, exercise that I might never get to otherwise.

What an interesting post!! Really made me think.

Chrissie said...

Myfanwy - careful, you'll turn into a 'curtain twitcher'!

Myfanwy said...

LOL Chrissie. No time, No time! And so much more fun to speculate....

NICO Designs said...

speculate away! I do.
And, alas, I am a creature of habit. And when I break from the schedule I feel so adventurous!

Not that it is easy to keep to a tight schedule with kids. Not like your neighbors. Wonder what they are up to?