Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fancy a Cup-Cake?

Earlier this year we visited France, and one of the places we discovered was a delightful little English teashop called 'CupCakes'. I wanted to tell you all about it when I blogged earlier, but for some reason the pictures I took weren't really up to standard. However, by a rather circuitous route I have just been sent this link, and lo and behold - this is the very place that I wanted to tell you about.

We didn't succumb to a cupcake when we visited.... but rather a slice of delicious almond and fig tart.

After all, you already know that I LOVE figs!

So, if you are ever in that part of France you know where to go for a little piece of England, but what if you are too far away to indulge? How about a delicious cupcake that you can enjoy just about anywhere and at any time - and that is totally fat free?

Aren't these a delight? They are all available from an Etsy shop called britishcreamtea. There are other goodies there too, including a Cornish Pasty, and frankly it looks far tastier than any I've seen in a real food shop!

Now, a little of what you fancy never did anyone any harm ;0)

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circleinthesand said...

ok, I haven't had breakfast yet, you're making me hungry!!!! what a delightful little shop. I would love to visit it, if I'm ever in the neighborhood, hehe.