Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Food

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So, Friday Food!  I began to think about this subject at breakfast time this morning, (but it was a while later before I realised that it is actually Friday - and therefore I could turn it into a blog post)! 

What is it about toasters?  I'm sure you've heard it before, and no doubt you will hear it again, but ours doesn't work very well.  It wasn't cheap, we deliberately bought a more expensive one because we had similar problems with the last one, but the colour of the toast is dependent more on the state of the universe than on the mechanics of the machine.  Ours is labelled with settings for one to seven minutes, and hopefully the toast will brown nicely within three to four......... OR NOT!  And yes, it  usually is 'or not', although suddenly there will be that wonderful day when the toast IS a glorious shade of golden brown and all will be forgiven.  The answer would seem simple - just increase the time to four to five minutes!  Yes, we've tried that , but then we have the singeing smell and charcoal toast followed by the dash to the smoke alarm to 'stop that infernal racket!'  So the answer is to leave it set on three minutes - retrieve uncooked toast - turn it around and replace - and set it for a further one minute.  It doesn't work the other way around, so if further toast is required a setting of one minute first followed by three minutes will still result in white toast - another single minute is still needed.  I'm talking about white bread today - the same applies to any colour - but the significance of white bread is actually important to this little story. 

When I was a child I had a friend called Susan.  She had two sisters, the youngest of these was called Margaret, but was always referred to as 'Margie Jane'.  Margie Jane always got what she wanted, and if she didn't she would scream.  We lived across the road and down a little, and we always knew when Margie Jane wasn't getting her own way because we would hear the  S C R E A M !  There was one thing that made her  S C R E A M   louder than anything, and that was colour of any sort on her toast.  She not only LIKED  it that way - she was seriously SCARED to have it any other way.  Needless to say, we always refer to uncooked toast as 'Margie Jane Toast', but the significance is that poor Margie Jane was actually really frightened of this strange coloured thing that most people would prefer.

I was then reminded of another friend.  Claire also had a food fear.  She was terrified (yes, truthfully, terrified is the word) of brown sugar.  Brown sugar in a bag was to be respected, but put it in a bowl and she would 'freak out'.  Why?  Because it moves.  Next time you are using some, just try this little experiment if you don't know what I'm talking about.  Put a reasonable quantity into a bowl, insert a spoon and take it out again.  After the spoon is removed the sugar will continue to move - and it was this that frightened her.  I have seen her run out of a cafe when the man at the next table used the sugar from the bowl, her fear was that bad.

Another friend, Caroline had a fear of rice pudding.  She could eat boiled rice, risotto - rice in any shape or form, but she could not eat rice pudding - BECAUSE IT HAD A SKIN.  Some of you may have seen this picture on another blog, for those of you that wondered I am reposting here - it's rice pudding - showing the skin.

Of course this also shows a completely unexpected arrangement of rice grains that appeared after cooking - I hate to think how that would be interpreted by Caroline.

So, do you have a food fear?  Do you know anyone with a food fear?  From where do they come?  I'm not talking about dislikes - I'm talking about real deep-seated fears.  Now I'm just off to convert another piece of Margie Jane toast.......


On a Whimsey said...


I do remember the first time I every saw weavels in flour! It was during our time in the Middle East where it does tend to be a tad hot. Anyway, in the days before I learnt that flour should be kept in the fridge to preserve it in those conditions, I simply opened the bag and left it in the cupboard for use next time. Well, the next time I opened the pack, happened to shake it a little and suddenly it began to 'crack' as the little critters began to show themselves! Now that was scary and the bag was thrown out. To this day, I always place the bag in a plastic one so that it cannot be cross contaminated although I don't keep it in the fridge... UK temps don't get quite to hot!

Attack of the Vintage said...

Sorry, I don't know of anyone afraid of any foods. I don't like a few foods mainly because of texture and smell.

circleinthesand said...

Ah ha, so that's what that picture is, I never would've guessed Rice pudding!! And, I'm sorry that all your friends had those food fears, but their stories are quite amusing!

Judi B said...

Wow! This was very interesting. I guess I should have realized there might be food phobias of this sort. My own experience has only been with a niece who was afraid to eat meat of any kind (and eventually became a vegetarian). She literally "heard" the voices of the "dead animal" and was frightened.

Gina said...

Ha! We have a toaster like that and I talk to it... "Nice try toaster, shall we have another go and see if you can do better this time..." It doesn't work but it does amuse the family. No food fears I'm afraid because I like all food! Time for a coffee at TIF in a couple of weeks time?

J.B. said...

I don't have any food fears except of missing dinner.
I don't know anyone with any food fears either. Interesting.

Damama T said...

I love your stories! People are so funny. And just cuz I'm all helpful like:

For those who don't have food fears maybe this will help(?). The average person consumes almost 2 pounds of bugs annually. Their little body parts are in everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Yes, you do eat bugs.

So the next time you pick a piece of pepper out of your teeth... it may not be pepper. LOL!

Liz's Wares said...

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Donna said...

Hi Myfanwy! Thanks for the sweet email you sent recently. Ok...I am scared of your food...I've never seen anything quite like that. I know absolutely nothing about English cooking. That skin looks scary to me too! Makes me wonder if the recipes I'm posting look scary to you guys? I'm adding your blog to my list today. Couldn't find it the other day when I told you I was going to add it. I love your blog!

Donna said...

PS. Is Friday Food like our "Sunday Dinner"??