Monday, February 08, 2010

The best way to relax .....

It has been a very busy weekend.  Firstly, on Saturday, we had a trip to Busy Bees Patchwork in South Wales for an embellisher workshop.  We left before first light, and had a really good trip down.  Travelling west with the sunrise behind us I watched it in the wing mirror, the sun becoming more prominent and the moon gradually fading away only to reappear on the way home!  This was the only daylight I saw as it was already dark when we left for the return journey along the M4.  This too was uneventful, but I have to admit that I was tired when we arrived home.

The hall, in which I was teaching, was enormous..  This picture shows part of the class!  The others are out of sight on the right of the picture.  There was enough room between to hold a tea dance, however, they all decided that they would rather play on their machines than go out and find some partners!  We moved the tables near to the walls to be close to the electrical sockets.  Trailing leads would have been a health and safety hazzard.
And so it was Sunday.  Yes, I was tired, and for once we had a day at home.  I spent the morning sorting out my plan for the week and then visited my dear mother with son and grandson

She is a mere shadow of her former self, but still smiling and delighted to see everyone.

Of course, she is delighted with her relationship with her youngest great-grandchild, and he is very fond of her too.  This was a completely natural response from him.  

Next, we were on a mission

The ducks, geese and swans were calling, and it was time to feed them. 

And when the food has all gone it's important to make sure there isn't any left, just in case.

But, I have to admit that even after all that I still wasn't fully relaxed, so what could I do now?

Why, indulge in a 'wobble walk' of course.....

Just what I needed!

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MagdaleneJewels said...

Sassy - your mother is adorable and she looks quite well. Hope she is feeling somewhat better. You class seemed like a success! Giving up dancing to embellish - what more could you ask for.