Monday, March 29, 2010

Would you believe it!

We often visit groups and classes. And so we did the other day.  It was a large group get-together which involved lunch and a speaker.  The group sat at tables which were set ready for lunch and shopped during the morning, listening to the speaker in the afternoon.  There were about 150 attendees, and we know most of them fairly well having visited this meeting for the last several years.  Some of their purchasing is predictible, so we had stocked up on several items, including hand sewing needles, and all stock was checked before being added to that for display......

Imagine our surpise, therefore, when we arrived home and checked our stock in readiness for the next venue.

This pack of needles looks fine from the back - seal unbroken and albeit ready for sale

However, the other side shows a different story!  

Closer inspection showed that the clear packaging had been prised away from the backing on each side. 
Just far enough to insert a knife

And presumably, that's how the needles were removed.

And all for just over £1.00.......

I hope they enjoy using them.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It never rains......

Today we took delivery of the new DVD.  Level 2 Inspired embellishing is now available.  

You can find it on my personal website.  The first orders have already been despatched.  I have to say that the arrival was the highspot in a rather worrying week.

Last Wednesday the situation at my mother's care home became totally untenable, and with the help of social services we had to find new accommodation at very little notice.  I won't go into details, but the situation there has been a problem for a while and we have been looking for a suitable place, but of course, no vacancies.  Fortunately one arose on Friday less than ten miles from where we live, and we were able to move her yesterday.  It was traumatic, both for us and for her, and it is not a process I would like to repeat.  However, I visited her today after another sleepless night, and saw that she has settled better than I could have imagined.  I know now that she is safe and cared for in a sympathetic environment.  Amazingly they have already diagnosed her immediate problem and it is being treated - it will be a quick and painless solution for her.  The irony is that it is something I have mentioned time and time again at her previous residence - and it was apparently 'being sorted'

You may remember that just a few short weeks ago at the beginning of March we had a new little grand-daughter who was born five weeks early.  Unfortunately she is not at all well and is back in hospital on oxygen.  Her condition is still under observation and no diagnosis has yet been made, so our worries have concerned both ends of the age scale.

Little ones bounce back very quickly, so I'm sure it will be a positive outcome.

By the way, the repeat of Talking Threads is on Sky Channel 171 tomorrow night at 6pm.  

Monday, March 01, 2010

An Announcement, and An Announcement!

Remember these?  Well, time and tide wait for no man, and it was time that held up the announcement of the One World One Heart winners.  Apologies for that, but here they are.




They will be in the post later this week after I have heard from you.

I also would like to point you all towards a new online course that is starting next month.  We'll be making a series of little books, some will be similar to those illustrated here.  You can find out more by following this link.