Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Day with the Family

It was a bit cloudy, but we went for a picnic anyway!

Following an invigorating walk we stopped to look at the view
This is one of my favourite places, and somewhere I have visited since childhood.
It was remarkably warm, and a really lovely day.


Julie G. said...

What a lovely place and so great that you could do it with your family. Happy Easter!

Donna said...

Hi Myfawny! Oh.. thanks so much for posting these pictures! You know how much I would like to see these places in person! Someday...I might be knocking on your door..Ha! Just kidding..that would be a miracle indeed. I'll content myself with your photos. I posted a bunch the last couple of days myself..wildflowers from our land. This is the time of year for them where we live.

Happy Easter!

jan said...

Beautiful day here too Myfanwy, but we don't have that view. Lucky lucky you.

Judi B said...

Gorgeous country! A walk in the country with people you love -- always a winner!

ZudaGay said...

What a lovely place for an outing!! I'm so glad you got to go.