Saturday, June 12, 2010

Festering Filth

I'm not very well.  In truth I have been poorly for several months, but of course, I just kept going.  On several occasions I almost passed out.  Fortunately I was always near a chair and I was able to sit down for a few moments, not for long, though, fainting is for whimps!  And so I pressed on.  Working hours that were too long, enjoying every moment, but just not feeling on really top form.

This week everything has 'come to a head'.  Results from blood tests show that I need a little bit of TLC, so today I did something that is so unusual I am having to blog about it!

I had a lie in!

Yes, I've had 'lies in' before - but never beyond 07.30.  The alarm regularly goes at 06.30 and I am always up before it sounds.  I'm not one for going to bed early, either.  Our family routine is such that I'm on duty until 11pm or later, so you can see that I don't usually take time out.  Well, yesterday I just had to throw myself onto the bed in the afternoon, and I slept for 2 hours.  I was in bed by 10 last night, and asleep almost before my head hit the pillow.  Undaunted I slept until just before 09.30 this morning!  AND THEN I DOZED UNTIL NEARLY THREE O'CLOCK!

Yes, I must have needed it, and I do feel more rested, but what on earth does the title have to do with all this twaddle?  Well.....  You know what it's like when you are neither awake nor asleep.  Sometimes you just drift with eyes open, seeing, but not really looking.  This happened today.  I meandered backwards and forwards from sleep to not sleep, and every now and then my eyes alighted on what looked like a book title - 'Festering Filth'.  I didn't think anything of it at first, after all, I wasn't really awake, and the title meant nothing to me.  Finally, however, as 'awake' took over I looked harder.  The title was out of focus... meaning it was time to pop on my specs.

Wish I hadn't!  The title, one of DH's, was in fact 'Ffestiniog Fifty'.  I was quite disappointed.

At least 'Festering Filth' might have had some 'meat' to it!