Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I can't make up my mind.

I am always amazed at the different effects created by my wonderful machine. These 2 photographs are of the same piece of work. The top shows the back of the work

and the next one shows the front, both scanned at the same point of working.

The lower scan shows all the threads that I have laid down and then embellished. The back is grey felt, there is none visible in either picture. I think I am drawn to the more sublte upper picture, but then .............!

Which one do you prefer?


Maureen said...

I like the top one best. The laid down threads are a bit distracting if you want to do more work on this piece of felt.

WinifredCottage said...

Yes, I think I aggree with you, Maureen. However, cover the lower one with a chiffon scarf and who knows.............