Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Go with the flow

On Saturday we were at a Quilt Exhibition (we were actually there on Sunday as well, but this relates to the Saturday). The morning was quiet, and I just happened to have the embellisher with me! Working was obviously a little disjointed as it is difficult to serve, talk, discuss and embellish all at the same time, but the above picture shows the result of pulling apart roving and other fibres and just laying them on a background. There was no real thought to their placing, this 'just happened'. So, if you haven't got the machine out of the box, or if you have but are scared of trying something new. Don't be! Just go for it and 'go with the flow' The above needs more work. It will have hand and machine stitching in the end, and will be a bag - probably. At the moment I too am just going with the flow.

There is another prize draw on the dyeing blog. Don't forget to enter. The prize this time is 2 Yarn Twists. They are worth having - I will be using one to hand stitch on the above.

There is another prize draw on the Dye-a-Lot blog, don't forget to enter.

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