Thursday, January 17, 2008

January Take it Further Challenge - Vulnerability

Well, the task that I have set myself is to become more vulnerable within my creativity. For that reason I am going to share the following poem that I wrote last year. I haven't shown it to anyone except my close family, so this is quite daunting in some ways, But here goes. Some of you may remember that baby Jack was born very unexpectedly 7 weeks early, this was written the day after he was born when we saw him in the Special Baby Unit, and for the first time. I am pleased to say that he is now thriving.

For Jack

Silent, you lie there,
Oblivious of the tubes and pipes,
Accepting and contained.
Your world is small
No noise except the cry of babe
Hungry and impatient.
No knowledge yet of deep maternal love,
Of father, standing by
With arms of love and strong protection.
No thoughts or fears,
Complete in self, yet so reliant.

Sleep well, sweet babe,
for in that sleep grows strength.
Surrounding silence intensifies the love
That soon will be apparent.
Take naught for granted, love is all,
And God is Love.


Ruth said...

Beautiful poem. Thank your for sharing such a private moment for you and your family.

Helen Suzanne said...

Just reading that has given me goosebumps (in a good way). It's beautifully written. Thank you for sharing it Myfanwy

Susan D said...

I'm not usually into poetry but this piece is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.