Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Taking things Further

At last I can give some thought to the take it further challenge for April .

'How do you see change?'

Change is all around us, all the time. It is impossible to shut ourselves away and ignore it. From birth to death our circumstances change almost daily. Maybe these are imperceptible at the time, but in retrospect they are there. We love to watch babies grow and develop. Each tiny change is a mark of growth and a small step nearer to final independence. The seasons change, and with them the scenery and the way we face the world. How much easier it is to face a day of sunshine than a day full of grey skies and rain. Here in the UK, and I think in other parts of the world too, we have had to face a spring of strange and uncertain weather - climate change has certainly made itself felt.

I think I am going to approach this from the point of view of changing techniques. I haven't fully decided, but I am probably going to use a new technique and combine it with one from my past. Let's see what happens. I could always change my mind ...

Oh, and watch out, I think I have three posts 'coming on' today - and that certainly is a change!


MargaretR said...

We both seem to be thinking along the same lines here don't we Myfanwy? I look forward to seeing your too!

Tricks said...

Hi Myfanwy,
How lovely to meet you on here, I just thought I would drop by as say hello. I came to your house some years ago now when I lived in Aldershot, to buy some threads.

I have already finished my TIF if I hadn't then I would very likely tried to make something based upon the way our children change, as you were saying about babies growing. My son has just hit adolescence in the last year and wow hitting is the right word. The change was overnight but I couldn't really focus on him without using his image which he certainly wouldn't approve so I couldn't go with that one, pity. Well, I hope to catch up with you at each TIF Challenge. Tricia