Friday, January 26, 2007


Take bright emerald fibres, place them on a black background and this is the result.

The base colour is all important when working with a specific colour as it will influence the final result. The flowers were pre-felted on the embelliser, trimmed and refelted as they progressed. I then well embedded them into the piece. It was worked from the side that you see and then a little from the reverse.

This is the reverse and the result for which I was aiming. Much more sublte. I have machine stitched the outline, but more stitching will be added later today as it is a class sample needed for tomorrow! I will post a picture of the finished item after the weekend.

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MargaretR said...

This is lovely Myfanwy and as you say the 'wrong' side is as nice as the right isn't it? I have also learnt that it helps to turn the work over and do it from the other side for some effects.