Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hello again

Well, it has been 3 months since my last post, and to say the least those three months have been eventful. However, not in the way I would have wished!

Firstly, I have hardly been able to get online. I'm not sure when the problem started, in fact I don't think I realised that there was a problem at first. I was aware that emails had suddenly become very infrequent, and that I seemed to be switched offline more than I was online, but I just thought it was because people were on holiday, or that the Internet was very busy. However, then I discovered that I couldn't send emails. They would just sit in my outbox, and when I finally discovered this there was a long queue, no notification, they were just quietly waiting for something to happen. This situation is still continuing, we can only send on one of our addresses, sometimes 2. We can receive on these too - but sometimes we can't. Is there any logic? I don't know, but apparently my Firewall is reacting with the ISP and causing problems. The problem now is that I can't stay online long enough to sort it out. I am writing this post in Word, saving it onto DVD and will then put it online, maybe at my son's. If anyone has been trying to get in touch please keep trying - even if you have to resort to leaving a comment below with your email address included. I do want to hear from you, please try again.

Next there was an injury. Now I'm not sure how it happened, I didn't know that I had injured myself. I was aware for some time (from about May) that I had pins and needles in 2 fingers in my right hand (this is my dominant hand). By the end of August the pins and needles had turned to pain, not an ache, a definite pain. It was agony to do anything, writing or stitching (or knitting etc) was nil, at times it became all consuming. Sleep was impossible as it seemed to be worse at night, I was unable to find a resting place and painkillers didn't touch it. A visit to the doc's informed me that I had damaged the nerve on my elbow. Now how on earth could I have done that without knowing? I don't know - but I did. Rest was the answer, and, although the symptoms lessened while we were on holiday, the problem is still there.

You may or may not know that we had a new grandchild during all this. Our daughter-in-law gave birth to our third grandchild in mid-August. He was early, not due until early October, and, although he worried us for a while, is now doing well. I had a lovely long cuddle today, you can imagine how much I enjoyed that.

Next we had the postal strike. What fun that was! The collection service locally was supposed to be working, albeit intermittently. Packages were taken to the Post Office, but took days to arrive which was most frustrating for the recipients. A couple were returned as undeliverable. They must have been sitting around in strange places for a while, they were in quite a state when they were returned, at least the packaging was. Thankfully we had put our return address on the back of the packages - always worth doing. Customers were contacted and the goods were sent on their way again. However, those that had only sent an email address were more difficult to contact - no email as detailed above. Mails from a different address were neatly stacking up in others spam boxes, a lesson learnt in always checking spam, even if it only turned out to be something not required.

We had other dramas too. Other members of the family needed looking after requiring a stay away from home again. We managed to get through several shows without too many mishaps, but phone calls from customers morning noon and night began to make us feel a little like the Windmill Theatre ('We Never Close'). We usually work at weekends, so one customer rang us at 6.30 on a Sunday morning to catch us before we left - please could we post a packet of machine needles to her tomorrow! Phone calls have also been received at 11.30 pm, and not from customers overseas who have miscalculated the time.

Phew! I've got all that off my chest. Now, maybe I can start to make the odd entry or two, adding pictures may be a problem, but I'll face that when I have to.

Oh, and if you want a little light relief you may like to look here.

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MargaretR said...

Nice to hear from you again Myfanwy. You have been through a very hectic time all round and what a nuisance not being able to use your internet. I would have withrawal symptoms myself(smile)
I hope your hand, which I know must be a great hinderance to you, will be better soon.