Monday, March 03, 2008

Spring isn't just yellow

It was such a beautiful morning I couldn't resist a quick trip around the garden. I had the camera in my hand, so here are a few quick pics, although the quality leaves a lot to be desired.

It isn't long since there was a race to see who had their daffodils flowering in time for St David's Day. This year it seems that everyone won! In fact, if you look closely at this shot you can see that one of the flowers is already spent.

While yellow is a refreshing site in spring it is lovely to see the other colours appearing too. This Camellia uaually flowers at the beginning of May, however, not only is it now in full flower...

.....some of the flowers are already dead.

The strength of the sun can be seen in the depth of the shadow,

These little flowers are forming a carpet under the trees, and there too are the bluebells. It won't be long before they are ready to flower too.

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AnnMcD said...

We still have three feet of snow on the ground and is lovely to see your flowers!