Friday, November 10, 2006

Janome Xpression

Well I have finally had time to try the Janome. All in all I like it. It was only a quick tryout, another one later perhaps, but it handled felt and fibres famously!

Nothing too strenuous for me at the moment, my emotions are elswhere (

Good to hear that some of you are accepting the challenge. Keep me posted with how you are getting on Don't forget, it's open to owners of Babylock, Janome, Bernina - and any other machine etc

If you want a cautionary tale, have a look here. I can relate exactly to this story!


Shirley said...

I want to learn about the Janome Xpression machine. Ii am having trouble finding about it. I like the new Babylocks but am 70 years old and just want to play, so I want the best at the lowest cost. I also like the feature that I could add one needle at a time. Help.

NuvoFelt said...

Shirley, if you email me I'll be glad to help. I can't contact you through your profile