Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Take It Further January

Well, it's finished. The colours are much closer in reality, but here is the initial design

And here is the finished piece.

I'm surprised that the stitches aren't more in evidence in the finished piece. I have layered scrim over a layer made on the embellisher, The scrim has been pulled into a textured layer. I'm quite pleased with it and enjoyed doing it - even though it is blue!


Potiron said...

Incredible how adding just another layer can change the overall aspect and/or color, isn't it. Anyway, when clicking on the picture, we can very well see the scrim... Beautiful, did you dye it or was it this color???

I like it!!!!

NuvoFelt said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, I dyed all the fibres including the scrim,

Fran├žoise said...

It's lovely! The close-up picture is great.

Sue B said...

I think it's beautiful! I love the blue. nicely done!

fiona d said...

that's beautiful - I love the layers - and the colours