Friday, September 05, 2008

Joey and Aleethea

Despite giving birth to a beautiful bouncing baby girl in early August support and encouragement continued to be given to the Etsybloggers Street Team.  By whom?  By Joey and Aleethea, of course. 

The intro to their shop says: Giggle with us as you enjoy our unique handmade designs. I am a mama to an amazing 2yo boy and a beautiful newborn baby girl / a momtrepreneur / a professional programmer and website developer / wife to a super husband, super geek, and U.S. Air Force veteran, and I design and handmake each super cool and luxurious item...all by myself!

Theirs is  the most delightful shop on Etsy.  Here are some of the items you might find there:

MONSTERLICIOUS SWIRL - Space Monster - Super Plush and Deluxe - Blanket or Throw



ONESIE - Penelope the Monster - Short Sleeve Monster Onesie



5 PIECE SET - Hot Pink Safari



BABY CUFF - Skater Boy 360 - Reversible Fabric Cuff




Thanks Joey and Aleethea