Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Summary

Another Sunday, another week has passed, and as usual it has been busy. However, it was busy in a different way. As mentioned in last week's summary the central heating engineers arrived on Wednesday, so the early part of the week was spent in preparation.

It was important to move as much furniture and stock so that access was available to all radiators. The boiler is actually situated in the kitchen, so that also meant that this room was out of bounds during the days we had a 'visitation'. Preparation in this area was obviously rather important! We had to eat, albeit without any fancy trimmings, and we needed access to tea and coffee AND biscuits. Oh yes, biscuits - chocolate biscuits, but to find out more - read on! If the weather obliged it would be salads for us!

So, on Tuesday the essentials of central heating were duly delivered and deposited in the garage. The easy part was now done! More boxes were moved, stacked and left accessible for any orders that might materialise during the proceedings. Furniture was also moved and by late on Tuesday evening all was prepared. Wednesday came, promptly at 8am so too did the plumber, a hose was attached to the system and 'drain down' began. By Wednesday evening all was going according to plan......
Thursday dawned and work progressed. It became apparent that all was not well. We had one hot radiator, a couple of lukewarm ones, and the rest were decidedly cold. Now was the time for chocolate biscuits, not for us, but for the workmen. They scratched their heads, they pulled, they pushed, ate more biscuits, drained the system and refilled. Nothing worked, and that is still the situation, and we await to see what happens. Once again we have 'foxed' the heating engineers, something, somewhere is wrong, but no-one can find it. The central heating is currently running, but not properly, and we are in the middle of a 'cleanse' to see if that will help.

Friday was a bit of an anticlimax I admit. We spent the day hauling bits and pieces back into position, well, not quite because it will have to be moved again at some point. I babysat in the evening, I enjoyed it but Jack was too good and didn't wake, so I didn't get a cuddle! I did take a sneaky peak, though, and he's still gorgeous! Saturday involved more moving and also loading the car because today we had a return visit to Urchfont Manor. Lynn Horniblow and Janet Crowther were the tutors, but the place was also overrun with motorcyclists there for their annual training session. It was quite surreal, but we have seen it before and no doubt they well be back next year!


BeadedTail said...

I thought chocolate biscuits fixed all problems! This one must be a doozy! I hope they find the problem soon although I don't think the workers do if they get to eat more chocolate biscuits!

roseworksjewelry said...

What were you guys learning at the manner? That place looks cool!

I hope they figure out the heating system soon!

On a Whimsey said...

You make me feel exhausted! Do hope the heating gets sorted out soon.

Oh goodness, we have plumbers in this week too... better get the choccy biscuits out!

marion said...

Hope this gets fixed soon...or you'll run out of choccy biccies!