Friday, September 05, 2008

Today .....

Is our wedding anniversary.  Yes, 38 years.  I would say that it just seems like yesterday, but that is too much of a cliche to be true.  Instead of  posting a photograph to celebrate I thought I would post something a little silly as my very last memory as a single girl. 

It was actually something that happened almost at the last moment.  The car had collected my father and me, and having been driven the mile to the church we were taking those final steps towards the pretty church. 


Being very shy and retiring (of course, I still am ;) ) my head was lowered, the path was lined with friends and well wishers, and I didn't want to meet their eyes.  I clung to my father's arm as we walked along, no real thoughts going through my head, and then I saw them.

White plimsolls.  They were absolutely brilliant white, and I realised that they had just been whitened.  They were brighter than any bleached tooth in a night club.  I raised my eyes to see that they were being worn by an elderly lady, somewhat large, wearing a brown tweed suit, brown homburg style hat and sporting a camera.  Having achieved the picture she wanted she turned and scuttled down the path in front of us and disappeared into the church.

It was a slightly bizarre moment.  However, it didn't end there.  Later I saw the same shoes at the reception.  It was an elderly aunt on the groom's side, but of course I had still to meet her.  And meet her I did, as a new Mrs, and the first thing I learnt about her was that she suffered from bad feet.  I know because she told me.


Sue said...

A very happy anniversary to you! I'm looking forward to seeing you at Birmingham next Thursday.

TNT2008 said...

I'm not sure what a plimsoll is, but I take it that it was funny. It amazes me how open some people can be about certain aspects of their lives; I learned from a stranger about her bowels, her teeth and her rotten children while waiting to renew my drivers license!

Anonymous said...

TNT...I am ROTFL at your comment...

*clearing throat* A very happy and wonderful anniversary wish to you and DH. The only thing I have done for 38 years is live! So far, lucky!!!


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Belated Happy anniversary wishes to you both, hope to be able to get to the NEC this weekend.... if I do see you there.