Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Summary

This is just a quick look at the past week.  It has passed so quickly I can't believe that it is Sunday already.

Firstly we shouldn't have been here !  It was the second of the two weeks we had put to one side for our annual holiday.  However, we were so tired that neither of us could face going away, and we had the knowledge that this coming week is the week when our central heating will finally be fixed.  So we stayed here!  Nothing got done, not even a lot of sleeping.  The phone didn't stop ringing and we ended up working as normal :(

Anyway, apart from that it was a good week.  Mum has been getting more and more frail, but this week she has seemed a little stronger, and I even managed to visit on one day at the same time as my brother.  We had a good reminisce, and that seemed to do her good and stand her in good stead for several days afterwards.  I'll be off to visit her again tomorrow, and I wait to see what that visit has in store. 

It was a week of rain for many parts of the country, but we have escaped very lightly.  Yes, we had rain, but we also had sun and managed to dry some washing on the line on more than one day.  Other areas have had a dreadful time, though, and my heart went out to my 85 year old uncle who made a pilgrimage back to the north-east to meet up with old colleagues and visit relations, probably for the last time.  He travelled to the part of the country that seemed to be almost totally underwater, and although he is now safely home, he was unable to see some of the sights he wanted to visit.  It is a shame as his sight is almost gone, and he will probably be unable to make the trip again.

We had fun and games with our plumbing.  Although we had no problems with the rain we woke one morning to find the kitchen floor under water.  Fortunately a plumber arrived poste haste and the leak was fixed.  It was a very strange washer in a pipe joint.  Dealt with he departed and we began the mopping up.  The next day he was back.  The same thing had happened overnight and we had to start again.  Not funny.  I suppose it serves us right for living in a Victorian property.  Who knows what the heating engineers will find this week, but I'm not even going to think about that until it happens.

I spent a delightful morning with my little grandson while his mother had an appointment.   He is now nearly walking, and his vocabulary is growing so we can have 'conversations'.  He has also discovered the word 'No', and shakes his head furiously, laughing all the time, when asked to do something.  It was a really fun morning, and I look forward to the next time.

Our 'holiday time' came to an end on Saturday when we made our first visit of the autumn to Urchfont Manor.  It was a busy weekend with students of Yoga, Trees and prospective Head Teachers all mingling with C&G Diploma students with Sian Martin.  We felt as though we had never been away ......  I was able to show them some vegetarian silk and explain how to manipulate it.  Watch out for it soon on Etsy:


roseworksjewelry said...

Thanks for sharing your week :)

MagdaleneJewels said...

What a beautiful story. Sometimes we tend to forget the important things of life.

Anonymous said...

Completely involved with your story of the week. I should do that weekly. Interesting.

Hope your upcoming visit with your mother will again be nice.

a HUG,